Welcome to Blake Music School.

Our teaching studios are located in Footscray among other locations around Melbourne’s inner west. All of our teachers are experienced performers and educators and have a wealth of knowledge in music and its many genres. We welcome children and adults, complete beginners and more advanced students. Anyone from “I have never touched an instrument and think I may be tone deaf” to “been performing for years but want help getting to the next level”.


For many, a major part of the music experience is playing with or for other people. We acknowledge this by offering group workshops, facilitated jam sessions, and by encouraging student collaborations whenever possible. Music and community are connected and we want to help with that side of things as well as working on the nuts and bolts in one on one lessons.

Practicing and learning music has many amazing benefits besides being a fun and satisfying way to pass the time. It can be an outlet for creative expression, a way of developing greater self-confidence and can be a very fulfilling career path. Not to mention it's been proven to make you smarter.

We look forward to facilitating this next phase of your learning.

Professional Music Lessons in Melbourne's Inner West

Email: blakemusicschool@gmail.com  Phone: (03) 93527878